9 Signs You Need Residential Roof Repair Conroe TX

Severe weather is no stranger to Southern Texas, especially in Conroe. To keep your home and your belongings protected, you need to recognize the signs that indicate you need the best roof repair Conroe TX has to offer.

To help you, we’ve compiled in this blog post the nine signs you should look out for so that you’ll be guided when you need to call a roofing expert for a roof repair.

roof repair conroe tx​

Bent, broken, misaligned, or missing shingles

These are usually caused by strong winds or storms and can become an entry point for water to infiltrate the interiors of your property wreaking havoc inside. If left ignored, they can worsen and cause further damage, which may warrant for a full roof replacement already.

Tile roofing has cracks or fissures

Cracked tiles are usually a result of incorrect installation, extreme temperature changes, cracked substrate, bearing too much weight, hard impacts, or low-quality tiles. If you notice these cracks on your tile roof, then you need the best roof repair Conroe TX has to offer. 

Parts of your roof deck are warped

Seeing warping on your roof deck can be alarming. This can be caused by the movement of the roof deck due to poor installation resulting in the plywood shifting or underlayment and felt not lying flat due to improper installation.

It can also be because of inadequate roof ventilation resulting in moisture buildup causing the roof deck to warp or new roof tiles installed over an existing roof leading to buckling.

Rainwater spills over your eaves

If the rainwater spills over your eaves, it might be due to clogged gutters and downspouts or there is already too much debris piling up on the roof. If you will ignore this, water can damage your siding and cause soil erosion around your property.

Loss of granules

Shingles are coated with protective granules which shield them from the sun’s damaging effects. When this granule starts to run off, so does the protection. Check your gutters. Granules will usually pile up there. 

Streaked or stained roof

If your roof is streaked or stained, it may be due to bacterial growth, such as algae, mold, or moss. While it is usually not something to be worried about, widespread growth may already warrant the best roof repair Conroe TX has to offer.

Critters had scratched their way into attic spaces

When critters and other small animals were able to enter your attic, then its a sign there are holes or gaps on your roof which became an entry point. If you left them as is, these animals can cause more damage to the interiors of the property.


They can also become a health hazard as they can use your attic as a breeding ground. Call a roofing expert and have them seal the holes or gaps to stop those animals from entering.

Water leaks

Leakage problem is perhaps one of the most common issues for all roofs. When you notice leaks on your roof, so long as it is only minor, they can still be repaired. Call a roofing expert right away and have them fix the issue before it worsens.

Accumulation of debris

If debris is piling up on your roof, this can obstruct the water flow in case it rains. The water can sit still on the roof and eventually find its way inside the property’s interior causing extensive damage. 

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