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Severe weather is no stranger to south Texas. When it’s time for urgent roof repair, Galvan Roofing responds quickly to keep your home and your belongings protected. Our expert services for storm restoration includes a complete inspection of your property’s damage; meeting with the insurance adjuster; getting your roof system repaired or installed following code requirements and manufacturer specifications.

Signs that You Need
Roof Restoration

It’s not always easy to tell when you need a new roof or urgent roof repairs. Be sure to contact Galvan Roofing if you notice:

roof repair services
roof repair contractors

Fast, On-Site Damage

Addressing damage quickly is the key to preventing additional property loss, moisture-impacted ceilings, walls, and objects inside your home or business. Galvan Roofing will get to the scene quickly to mitigate costly after effects of a storm.

roof repair contractors

New Roof Materials on
the Scene Quickly

In the aftermath of a strong Texas windstorm, roofing supplies can be depleted quickly due to widespread demand by all the residents and businesses impacted. Galvan Roofing has the team and the technology to get your roof materials spec’d, purchased and installed without delay.

roof repair contractors

Could Your Roof Damage be
Covered by Insurance?

Your homeowners insurance provider recognizes that a roof is essential to protecting the value of your home and all of its contents. If your property was subjected to unexpected damages, as from one of south Texas’ severe wind events, your roof could be covered fully by your homeowners insurance policy.


With a properly filed damage claim, clearly documenting all the repair or replacement work necessary, Galvan Roofing can help you get the funds you need for a full roof restoration.

Roof Inspections

Protecting Your Property Starts
with a Roof Inspection

Preventative care of your roof saves time and money. Galvan Roofing will inspect your home for signs of storm damage not visible to an untrained eye.


Roofing manufacturers’ warranties for asphalt shingles usually range from 15 to 30 years or more, but coverage only applies to defects and premature aging. That’s why Galvan Roofing advises clients to have their roof inspected periodically.


A roof inspection report is a detailed document which includes photographic evidence of the roof conditions. The report accurately provides measurements and diagrams assessing every aspect of storm or aging damage affecting your roof. A professional roof inspection enables Galvan Roofing to give you the expert advice on repairs needed immediately, and on what to look out for in the near future.

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roof repair contractors

What’s in a Galvan Roof Inspection Report?

Roof Insurance Claims

We Help You Navigate Through the Claims Process

Roof insurance claims can be frustrating, especially if you aren’t prepared to wade through all the details and requirements to file a claim properly. But, a strong, functioning roof is crucial for keeping your family safe and your property protected, so it’s critical for your insurance coverage to fully repair what’s necessary after damage is done.


At Galvan Roofing, we like to help people navigate the often confusing roof insurance claims. We provide fast repairs and will ensure everything goes as planned. Our roofers will work directly with your insurance company to help save you money. We will also make sure the storm damage restoration process gets the attention it needs as soon as possible.

We handle insurance claims so you
don't have to.
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Common Damages
After A Storm

Periodic Roof Inspections
Save Time & Money

Galvan Roofing has years of experience inspecting, repairing, and replacing roofs in San Patricio County, Nueces County, Jim Wells County, Kleberg County, Texas, and Conroe, Texas. Contact us if you suspect any roof damage. Fixing it today can save thousands of dollars tomorrow. Call us at 361-444-5606 for a fast and free estimate!